Operational Training

Whether you are buying a new Breeze-Eastern rescue hoist system or already have one installed, Breeze-Eastern offers Federal Aviation Administration-approved (FAA) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) operational training.


Breeze-Eastern has partnered with Priority 1 Air Rescue to provide an extraordinary range of operational training options for all helicopter platforms and any hoist or winch system.

You know no mission is the same, and so do we. That’s why we work closely with each customer to structure the courses and content that best meets their needs, including:

  • Basic helicopter rescue
  • Advanced mission rescue
  • Tactical special operations
  • Night unaided or NVG
  • Short haul
  • HUET and aviation survival
  • Rescue swimmer
  • Pilot
  • External load
  • Aerial gunnery
  • Fire suppression

Priority 1 also operates a Search and Rescue Tactical Training Academy in Mesa, Arizona, that includes a virtual hoist SAR/aerial gunnery synthetic training device, hoist procedural training tower, ALSE training area, fast-rope and rappel tower, multi-media classrooms and more.


This exceptional OEM training provides customers a comprehensive understanding of their products and is the right way to protect your investment and ensure that your team and equipment are ready to respond when lives are on the line. Sign up and you’ll experience the benefits of increased mission readiness and reliability, an increased sense of trust and confidence in the equipment and your team’s ability to do the job correctly, and an increased focus on safety.

Ready to get started?

Ask for an individualized price quote for training at our location or yours, anywhere in the world. Our no-obligation proposal will be specifically designed to meet your training requirements and budget.

For more information or to receive a quote contact:
Breeze-Eastern Training Department
Phone: 973-602-1029

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