OEM Flight Line Safety & Maintenance Training

A Breeze-Eastern Exclusive

Whether you are buying a new Breeze-Eastern Rescue Hoist System or already have one of our proven systems installed, OEM Flight Line Safety & Maintenance Training is the right way to protect your investment and ensure that your team and equipment are ready to respond when lives are on the line. Breeze-Eastern offers detailed classroom hands-on training – for all of your flight line crews that support your Breeze-Eastern Rescue Hoists.

Get an education with real-world benefits

When it comes to saving lives with your rescue hoist, there is no room for shortcuts – and the mission isn’t over until everyone makes it home safely. Sign up and you’ll see the benefits of increased mission readiness and reliability, an increased sense of trust and confidence in the equipment and your team’s ability to do the job correctly, and an increased focus on safety.

Training with a focus on you

Classes are taught by a Breeze-Eastern expert in flight line operations.

  • One full day in the classroom
  • One full day performing hands-on practical training
  • Emphasis on the right procedures
  • Focus on Original Equipment Manufacturer Specifications


Focused Expertise


Breeze-Eastern Corporation is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance lifting and pulling devices for helicopters, military cargo aircraft, and other aerospace/defense platforms, including rescue hoists, winches and cargo hooks, and weapons-lifting systems.


Get a quote

Quotations are available for Flight Line Safety & Maintenance at our location or yours, anywhere in the world. Our proposal will be specifically designed to meet your mission requirements. Ask for your free quote today and find out just how affordable our training really is.

For more information or to receive a quote contact:
Breeze-Eastern Training Department
Phone: 973-602-1029 or 973-602-1083
Email: Training@Breeze-Eastern.com