Model HS-29900

HS-29900 hoist

Technical Characteristics


Rated load

600 lb (272 kg)

Speed @ 600 lb

0-350 ft/min (0-1.8 m/s) w/operator variable speed control

Pilot control

200 ft/min speed

Cable length

290 ft (88 m)

System weight

110 lb (50 kg) installed

Full speed direction change

0.8 sec

Power Requirements


115V AC, 3-Phase, 400 Hz

Electric current

24 A/Phase

Control power

28V DC, 5A

Cable cutter

28V DC, 5A pulse/bridge


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Available for OEM factory installation or retrofit on existing fleets, the HS-29900 rescue hoist system may include a single post or four-point clevis mount, both benefitting from modular design and various man-machine interfaces. Smart design enables easy customization for most mid-to-large-size helicopters.


The HS-29900 is proven and available for installation on a range of popular helicopters.

  • AgustaWestland AW101
  • Boeing CH-47 and BV-107
  • Eurocopter AS332
  • IAR 330
  • Mil Mi-171
  • Sikorsky UH-60 variants and S-61

Design Highlights

Operator and crew variable speed control
Pilot fixed speed control
NVG-compatible display
Cable tension control (bi-directional)
Cable payout indicator
Integrated cable management system
Multiple hook design options
Mutliple control station design options
Multiple control pendant design options
Pilot cable payout display
Hover trim/search light control
Unlimited duty cycle

Safety Features

Reactive Overload Clutch (ROC)
Redundant limit switches
Mechanical fail-safe brake
Automatic slowdown at travel ends
Redundant cable cut switches
Cable cutter test circuit
Thermal/voltage protection
Cable foul sensor