A Breeze-Eastern Exclusive
Priority 1

Breeze-Eastern and Priority 1 Air Rescue are partnering to offer new, best-in-class operational training for Breeze-Eastern commercial and military customers.

Together, these industry-leading providers will deliver customized and comprehensive training programs for all helicopter platforms and any hoist or winch system.

Breeze-Eastern is the world’s only dedicated helicopter hoist and winch provider and the only to further enhance its product support with operational training.

Fly and Train with the Best

In addition to virtual and field training, Priority 1 invites customers to its full service Search and Rescue – Tactical Training Academy (SART/TAC) in Mesa, Arizona. The SART/TAC Training Academy employs a virtual hoist SAR/aerial gunnery synthetic training device, hoist procedural training tower, ALSE training area, fast-rope and rappel tower, multi-media classrooms,
and more.

Priority 1

Customized for You

No mission is the same, and our training options reflect that. Operators may work with Breeze-Eastern and Priority 1 Air Rescue to structure the course format and content that best meets their needs. The training options cover a range of missions, including helicopter:

  • SAR
  • Military
  • Emergency medical
  • Fire and rescue
  • Law enforcement
  • Utility
  • Oil and gas

Specialized Options

In addition to custom courses and programs, Priority 1 Air Rescue offers a broad portfolio of services in support of mission effectiveness:

  • Basic helicopter rescue
  • Advanced mission rescue
  • Tactical special operations
  • Night unaided or NVG
  • Short haul
  • HUET and aviation survival
  • Rescue swimmer
  • Pilot
  • External load
  • Fire suppression
  • Virtual classroom

Focused Expertise

Breeze-Eastern Corporation is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance lifting and pulling devices for helicopters, military cargo aircraft, and other aerospace/defense platforms, including rescue hoists, winches and cargo hooks, and weapons-lifting systems.