Breeze-Eastern Lighted Bumper

Lighted Bumper

Based on customer feedback, Breeze-Eastern is certifying a Lighted Hook Bumper that will give operators greater visibility when operating in low-light conditions.

  • Available for both commercial and military markets
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Field replaceable without disassembling the hook components
Breeze-Eastern Lighted Bumper

Product Spotlight

  • The Lighted Bumper’s life span is estimated at 5,000 operating hours or 5 years of fielded service
  • Batteries are commercially available and easily replaced
  • Lighting system is comprised of 14 LEDS located in upward and downward facing rings, giving operators a distinguishable optical clarity of 200 meters
  • Does not require special tools or fixtures for set-up or maintenance
  • Operators can configure light intensity, colors, and patterns
  • Rugged design allows for functionality in extreme conditions



You already have the hooks, now you have the ability
to quickly and easily switch between them.

Breeze-Eastern Slide-Lock, D-Lock and Auto-Lock hooks are now interchangeable with any Breeze-Eastern hoist. A Service Bulletin outlines details of the change, which was made to enable hook substitutions based on user preference.

Product Spotlight

  • Change requires removal and replacement of the hook assembly
  • One maintenance technician can disassemble, reassemble and test in 30 minutes
  • 10 hook assemblies are eligible for substitution
  • FAA and EASA approved