Company Overview

Breeze-Eastern is the world's only dedicated helicopter hoist and winch provider.

Breeze-Eastern is a leading global designer and manufacturer of high-performance lifting and pulling devices for military and civilian aircraft, including rescue hoists, winches and cargo hooks, and weapons-handling systems.

Our deep product expertise is reflected in a product line that is ever evolving to meet customer needs and expectations.

HQ 35 Melanie Lane, Whippany, NJ 07981 | Main Phone 1-973-602-1001 | Customer Service 1-973-602-1165

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Company History

Legacy of Success

For nearly 70 years, Breeze-Eastern has been an industry leader known for its technical innovation and product quality. Breeze-Eastern pioneered the technology for helicopter rescue hoists and cargo winches, and subsequently produced equipment which currently can be found on all types of helicopters around the world, from the compact Agusta A1B to the gigantic Sikorsky CH-53 Super Stallion, from the early Sikorsky S-58 to latest H-60 Hawk platforms, from the Boeing tandem rotor CH-47 Chinook from Agusta to Westland.

Breeze-Eastern is also the world’s largest cargo hook systems original equipment manufacturer. Our product line covers the complete payload range, from 1,500 to 36,000 lbs. Our products are installed on most helicopter types and sizes, from Aerospatiale’s Alouette to Sikorsky’s CH-53K Super Stallion. Many versions are produced with modern features, including load sensing, display and recording, and automatic release.

A Growing Reputation

To broaden the market base for Breeze-Eastern products, we have placed a special emphasis on meeting the requirements of the commercial marketplace. In partnership with other established aerospace manufacturers, we have obtained Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) from the FAA allowing us to make direct sales of our helicopter-based systems to end-users.

Since customer satisfaction is our primary goal, Breeze-Eastern has developed a product support concept and an implementation plan managed by a centralized and fully integrated Product Support Group. Through this organization, we are positioned to meet our customers’ needs from the availability of spare parts to a rotatable pool of end items, from an efficient in-house overhaul and repair facility to a growing network of international certified service centers.

Breeze-Eastern Today

Today Breeze-Eastern is a solid and responsive organization, ready, willing and able to meet the increasingly demanding market environment. The company is led by an experienced and dynamic management team focused on satisfying customer needs. This team, supported by a world wide network of marketing representatives, distributors, and service centers, is dedicated to providing new and improved products and services to the commercial and military aerospace market. Breeze-Eastern is ready to meet the customer-driven challenges for today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.

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